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Strixhaven Preorders!

Class is in session at the prestigious Strixhaven: School of Mages!  Join one of five colleges based on your aptitudes and desired areas of study.  Each College was founded by the elder dragon whose name each college bears.  Become a diligent researcher and daring adventurer with Lorehold!  Create spells that are sepactacles of raw creativity and meticulous artistic expressions with Prismari!  Study Patterns, fractals, and symmetries to command power over the fundamental forces of nature with Quandrix!  Wield the magic of words, from inspiring battle poetry to biting arcane insults with Silverquills!  Or draw power from the essence of living beings, whether that means enhancing nature or exploiting it with Witherbloom!  Explore the world of Strixhaven with the At-Home Prerelease starting April 16th and with the full release of the set April 23rd!

Preorders are available now on our online store!  

Email [email protected] if you have any questions!