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Game Room News and COVID-19 Update

Paul here, owner of Games and Stuff.  I wanted give everyone an update about the general state of Games and Stuff as we head into the summer months. 

If you're just interested in this month's sales promotions, feel free to skip to the end where that's all laid out plainly.

So. COVID. It's been a journey hasn't it?

We just passed the year anniversary of the game room being closed, and the entire store was closed in varying degrees for a stretch of a couple months last spring. The level of support that we received from you, our customers and gaming community, was overwhelming. Thanks in no small part to you, Games and Stuff is doing just fine, better even, and we have bright days ahead. 

We made use of our time shut down to launch our fully-fledged ecommerce site, at and many of you have taken advantage of the in-store pickup option as we all weather these crazy days together. Thanks again. 

So now... dare we say that hope is on the horizon, and we look to the future. The biggest question we're asked (almost daily) is "when will the game room reopen?"

The short answer is we can't say for sure.

The slightly longer answer is we're aiming for sometime around August or September, although this is obviously subject to change. We have no intention of re-opening until the local and regional vaccine roll-out is in full swing for all citizens, and the mid-Atlantic has made progress with infection rates. I personally monitor the situation almost every day and things change rapidly, so we'll see. I know we all want to get back to gaming but I will not risk the health of a single customer or employee to do so. Trust me, with a business model largely built upon a game room that can host 150+ people, nobody wants gaming to return more than I do.

In the meantime, we've turned our game room space into overflow warehousing for our backstock, and also housing for our Board Game Vault, our newly acquired collection of thousands of used vintage board games. Shopping the Vault is by appointment only and you can request your time by calling the store or emailing [email protected]