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Events Return to Games and Stuff!

Well, that was something, eh?

Hi folks. Paul here. To say that we have all been through some crazy times since March of 2020 is an understatement. It has been about 16 months since we’ve had regular events at the store. In the intervening time we had to rapidly and radically alter many of the pillars of our business model that we took for granted. If you’ve been keeping up with my updates, you’ll know that we recently completed a fairly substantial remodel of our stock room to accommodate the new way that we have to manage inventory in light of our webstore business and the international shipping madness that seems likely to continue well into next year.

The shutdown also forced us to take a long hard look at how events have been run in the past, and with that in mind, we’re rolling out our new Weekly Event Schedule. As always, we imagine these will periodically change as new games are released and new organized play programs are introduced. We expect a few new weekly events to be added to the calendar in the coming weeks.

We are pleased to announce that the Games and Stuff Heidi Peterson Memorial Game Room will re-open for events as scheduled below on July 19th, following the Magic: The Gathering Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Pre-Release the preceding weekend.

Credit Swap

So what’s a Credit Swap?
Credit swaps are event entry fees that will immediately be returned to participants in the form of a non-event store credit chip, essentially making the events free when you make a purchase. These chips take the form of a specially marked Games and Stuff poker-style chip, and may be saved or immediately used to pay for merchandise in the store. As the name would imply, they can be used on anything except event fees and gift cards. (Incidentally, this now also allows us to take regular gift cards as payment for event entries.)

Why this change?
This change is a direct effort to mitigate increased expenses while keeping prices for our customers manageable. Even better, it allows us to more easily track the success of any event, so that we can continually improve the in-store gaming experience at Games and Stuff as a premium space capable of hosting bigger and better “destination” events!

All events at Games and Stuff will now have either a Credit Swap entry fee or a “standard” entry fee for events that provide prizing, sealed product or other value.

“Open Play” Gaming

“Open Play” gaming is any casual gaming done in our Game Room that is not part of a special or weekly scheduled event, during any hours that the store is open. Any customer may use the game room all day for a $10 Credit Swap. Please be advised that scheduled events always take precedence, so stop by the store or give us a call to check in on table availability. We can usually accommodate most requests, but during large special events or especially busy nights, space may be limited. Call ahead!

COVID Policy Update

Games and Stuff is currently requiring masks for all customers, both on the sales floor and in the game room.