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Commander Legends Preorders!

Do you like Commander?  Do you like Booster Draft?  Commander Legends is Booster Draft Commander!  This set will introduce 71 new legends into Magic: the Gathering!  Packs will have 20 cards with a foil and two legendary creatures in every pack!  So whether you are looking for a new way to Booster Draft or want to shake up your Commander table this set will have something for you!

The full release will be November 20th with Draft Booster Boxes/Packs, Collector Booster Boxes/Packs, and two new Commander decks available for sale!  If you would like to preoder a Draft Booster Box call us at 410-863-7418, email us at, or come into the store today!

Your preorder will be available for in store pickup, curbside pickup, or shipping.

If you have any questions email us at