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What's New?

Monthly Event Calendar PDF

Hello and welcome to our Monthly Event Calendar download page! Here you can grab our print calendar in PDF form for your own use! JULY 2023

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Game Room Closed During Sidewalk Sale

Just a quick note that the G&S Game Room will be closed this coming Saturday and Sunday during our sidewalk sale. This allows us to better prepare and give our staff a quiet room for breaks in all the sidewalk sale madness! Gaming will resume Monday morning at 10 AM! Thanks for understanding.

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Events Return to Games and Stuff!

Well, that was something, eh?

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Game Room Reopening Soon!

I know hundreds of you are asking - WHEN IS THE GAME ROOM REOPENING?? We are happy to say that this is coming very soon! Our goal is to host the Forgotten Realms Pre-Release in July (July 16-18) as an IN PERSON EVENT! Check back later this week for more details and for more news on the full reopening plans for mid-July!

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Game Room News and COVID-19 Update

Paul here, owner of Games and Stuff.  I wanted give everyone an update about the general state of Games and Stuff as we head into the summer months.  If you're just interested in this month's sales promotions, feel free to skip to the end where that's all laid out plainly. So. COVID. It's been a journey hasn't it?

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Flesh and Blood Monarch At-Home Prerelease!

The newest Flesh and Blood set Monarch is almost upon us!  And we are going to be having an at-home prerelease Sunday May 2nd!

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Games and Stuff - 3 Days of Black Friday!

It's November! And while normally this is the time of year when we start talking about Game-A-Thon, it will come as no surprise to anyone that with COVID-19 still an ongoing concern, there is no way to hold an event of that magnitude with any real amount of safety.So in the days following Thanksgiving this year, we're shaking things up a little. 

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Artist Series - Erol Otus T-Shirt!

Despite this year's challenges, it's still Games and Stuff's 20th Anniversary! And while we weren't quite able to pull off every surprise we had planned, we do have one more up our sleeve. Releasing today is the last of our 20th Anniversary T-Shirts, this one designed by none other than classic and dare I say legendary D&D artist Erol Otus!

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