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Pioneer Sundays!


Pioneer Sundays!

Every Sunday Games and Stuff will be hosting a Pioneer tournament!

Pioneer is a new non-rotating for Magic the Gathering. Pioneer has a starting point of Return to Ravnica and Magic 2014 Core Set. There is currently a very small banned list of Bloodstained Mire, Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Windswept Heath, and Wooded Foothills.

Check out the complete announcement of the format.

Prize Structure:

3-0-0: 8 Magic Booster Packs
2-0-1: 6 Magic Booster Packs
2-1-0: 4 Magic Booster Packs
1-0-2: 2 Magic Booster Packs
1-1-1: 2 Magic Booster Packs

Additional Promos given out randomly!