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Pioneer Sundays!

Every Sunday Games and Stuff will be hosting a Pioneer tournament! Pioneer is a new non-rotating for Magic the Gathering. Pioneer has a starting point of Return to Ravnica and Magic 2014 Core Set.


Historical Gaming

Each week historical gamers gather to recreate an amazing battle from history! Civil War, Ancient Rome, Revolutionary War, and anything else you can imagine could be played! Come out and see what the community has in store!


FNM Booster Draft

Booster draft is a limited format. You will be given three booster packs of the most recent standard set to draft from. The event will be three rounds and pack prizes handed out at the end.


FNM Standard / Modern

Friday Night Magic is the hallmark of in-store play, where players of all experience levels gather to learn and practice their skills. This is also an exclusive opportunity to win FNM promos!


FNM Commander

As early as 6:00, start signing up for $5 fire-on-demand Commander/EDH games. This is a casual Friday Night Magic event and does not contribute to the cumulative FNM standings.


Batman / DC Universe Miniatures Game Night

From the streets of Metropolis to the rooftops of Gotham join in as superheroes and super villains battle it out!

Date/Time: January 17, 2020 - 3:00 pm to January 19, 2020 - 6:00 pm

Theros Beyond Death Prerelease

January 17th to 18th, Magic: the Gathering is going back to the mystical world of Theros with the set Theros: Beyond Death!  


Keyforge Weekly Game Night

Join us each week for Keyforge! We will have Open Play each week plus on select Thursdays we will have various formats for official tournaments.


Legend of the Five Rings Weekly Game Night

Join us each week for L5R LCG! Battle for your clan against the best in the area!


Transformers TCG Open Play Night!

Want to learn to play the Transformers TCG or looking to try out your new deck? Transformers TCG open play night will be every Thursday evening starting at 6PM.