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Command Tower!

February 9, 2020 - 11:00 am to 6:00 pm



Command Tower is upon us again!  Come out Sunday February 9th for Commander from open to close!


There will be Pods firing all day long for Commander or most any other casual multiplayer format!  The structure for Pods is the same as our FNM Commander Pods.  In addition to prizes for each pod there will be door prizes given out throughout the day!  Don’t miss one of the most Commander filled days of the year!


Battle for the Tower!

Commander Pods

Entry: $5

We know why you are here!  Command your armies to wade into battle!  Show your prowess in victory or defeat and get great prizes!


Choose your own Battle!

Oathbreaker Pods/Brawl Pods/etc.

Entry: $5

Do you know people that play Brawl?  Do you enjoy Oathbreaker more than Commander? Then Choose your own Battle! is for you!


Siege the Tower!

Archenemy Commander

Entry $5

It is a dark time around the Commander Tower!  Multiple evil presences have been spotted amassing armies.  They must be stopped before they become too powerful!  Are you up for the task?!


Questions?  e-mail them to