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Buylist and Buying/Selling Procedure

In addition to a full stock of current sealed product, Games and Stuff buys and sells individual cards for Magic: the Gathering. If you’re trading in for store credit, you get an extra 25% for your singles! Store credit cannot be applied toward discounted items or event entry.

Check out our online buylist
...or just bring your singles to the store. We can make you an offer on the spot or, if the collection is large enough, ask that it be left with us for a few days to be appraised.

Through the online buylist, you can also see what we have in stock. At this time, we aren’t selling online.

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s helpful to know how we grade singles. See the criteria below.

Near Mint (NM)

Cards in Near Mint condition show minimal to no wear from shuffling or general play. A card graded in Near Mint condition is generally indistinguishable from cards in an unsleeved deck of other Near Mint cards. Foils in this category have no scuffing or clouding on the front. The prices listed on our online buylist are for cards in Near Mint condition.

Slightly Played (SP)

Cards in Slightly Played condition show definite, minor wear. Examples of cards in this grade include cards with mild border wear, minor corner wear, slight scratching, or scuffing/loss of sheen on the front due to play wear. Foils in this condition will generally have some clouding or wear on the front of the card. Sleeves may or may not be needed to play these cards in a tournament. The amount offered for cards in Slightly Played condition is 80% of what would be offered for the same card in Near Mint condition.

Moderately Played (MP)

Cards in Moderately Played condition show moderate wear, but are still legal for tournament play if sleeved. Examples of cards in this grade include cards with shuffle creasing, moderate corner wear, moderate border wear, moderate whitening on the back or front face of the card, slight-to-moderate inking along the back borders, major scratching, slight (hairline) creasing, or minor dirt buildup. Cards signed by the card’s artist or Richard Garfield, or bearing a pro tour stamp, are graded as Moderately Played condition, if they would otherwise be Near Mint or Slightly Played. If a card that would be graded as Moderately Played is signed and/or stamped, it is graded instead as Heavily Played. The amount offered for cards in Moderately Played condition is 60% of what would be offered for the same card in Near Mint condition.

Heavily Played (HP)

Cards in Heavily Played condition show extreme wear, and may not be legal for tournament play, even in a sleeve. Heavily Played cards include cards that have writing on the back, minor water damage, major creasing, major whitening, major border wear, major inking (white-bordered cards that are markered on front to look black-bordered). The amount offered for cards in Heavily Played condition is 40% or less of what would be offered for the same card in Near Mint condition.

Damaged (DAM)

Cards in Damaged condition have suffered wear beyond what any amount of play could inflict. Cards in Damaged condition are not tournament legal, even inside a sleeve. Damaged cards may feature folding, major water damage, tearing, or chunks missing out of the card. Damaged cards may have been run over by a car, run through a washing machine, etc. The amount offered for cards in Damaged condition is 20% or less of what would be offered for the same card in Near Mint condition.

Check out the online buylist.