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Paul Butler


[email protected]

Paul is the owner of Games and Stuff and has run the place for the past 10 years, building it into the amazing place it is today! With extensive experience in the gaming industry, Paul is the person who knows the newest and hottest trends in gaming and what's sure to be a hit! Paul is also the co-creator of the Overlight RPG which you can check out in store!

Jeff Hall

Operations Manager

[email protected]

Jeff handles the day-to-day behind the scenes of the shop as well as our Events and Marketing. Jeff is the person to talk to if you would like to schedule an event or other activity. Jeff has worked in the gaming industry for over 20 years and also loves to talk miniatures and painting with customers!

Mark Koscelniak

Store Manager

[email protected]

Mark is one of our store managers who handles things around the shop. Mark is also our Miniature Buyer and an avid painter and wargamer! Be sure to talk to him about any miniature needs.

Chris Williams

Assistant Manager

[email protected]

Chris is one of our assistant managers watching over things at the store. Chris is in charge of our RPG section and RPG Lab, our monthly Role-Playing Program. Looking for something new and exciting in RPGs, then Chris is your man!

Robert Campbell

Assistant Manager

[email protected]

Robert is our other assistant manager watching over things at the store. Robert is an avid board gamer who is always happy to discuss the latest and greatest board games!

Nathan Hopkins

Magic Brand Manager

[email protected]

Nate has been a fixture at Games and Stuff for almost as long as the store has been open! Nate is in charge of our Magic Events and runs the Magic Department. Nate's always happy to chat Magic and deck building with customers!

Megan Safko

Magic Inventory Manager

[email protected]

Megan is our resident card inventory guru who maintains our systems and buy lists. She also oversees all incoming Magic collections and purchases! Want to sell us some cards? Megan is your point person!